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Psychometric Training Course SRS Group


In broadness 4 of our 8-week, Free Online Psychometric Testing Course, we look at Psychometric Test Government. It is demanding that we choose the right test for determining what we want to assess and not just rely on proposition of tests from National colleagues. However, once we have chosen a psychometric test in a scientific presence, we need to confirm that we administer that test properly in order to maintain or enhance its validity. (more…)

3 things you need to do to succeed at psychometric tests

What is a Psychometric Testing


Psychometric tests are used as a part of recruitment process which helps the employers to check the ability of the candidates, their personality, skills and intelligence. The outcome of these tests determines that whether you are perfect candidate for the company or not? Tests are structured in such a way that it can accurately evaluate candidate’s work ability to cooperates with others, handle the stress of job and how quickly one can grab the information. (more…)